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Cat Law's Interview

- Midwife & nursery student - 

Please give us a few sentences about yourself.

I’ve been a midwife for over 7 years. Last year I decided to head back to university to add Nursing to my list of degrees as well. I gained a little bit of social media notoriety after my appearance of the Australian Big Brother back in 2014. I’ve been lucky enough to use my Instagram platform (#yourpocketmidwife) to continue to share my love of all things related to Women’s and Children’s health.   


Do you have any recommendation or advice for first-time parents?

Becoming first-time parents is a combination of pure bliss and perfect chaos. Try to resist the urge to be ‘perfect’ parents because it doesn’t exist. Expect nothing to go as planned and always accept someone’s offer to help. 


How do you support parents with their little bub?

While being a midwife means I get to be hand’s on across all areas of Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal period, however, my area of specialty is Domiciliary and Special Care Nursey. Domiciliary means I get to visit new parents at home several times in the weeks following their discharge from Hospital. During these visits, I’ll assist with their transition home and help to educate parents on how to look after their baby. My role in Special Care Nursery involves looking after, premature, small or sick newborns. I’m not just involved in all stages of the baby’s care but also with advocating for the parents and getting them as involved in their own baby’s care as much as possible.  


Which ones are the biggest challenges that preemies babies face?

The third trimester of pregnancy is a period of rapid brain growth. The challenge for any premature baby is continuing to support this period of neurological development in an environment can provide stressful stimuli.  Modifying their environment with attention to noise, light, positioning, handling and sleep preservation can all help to reduce stress and maximise outcomes.


Which one is your favourite Nattou product, and why?

The Nattou Octopus is my favourite of all their products. It uses the same philosophies that were discovered during a Danish study, that eventually led to the worldwide adoption of Octopus being used to settle prem babies in a hospital setting.


How can the Nattou Octopus help in the process of development for a baby?

It helps support development through soothing and providing comfort, which in turn reduces stress stimuli to the brain, while also preserving sleep. The tentacles are said to remind a baby of their mothers’ umbilical cord. They are also perfect for carrying a mother’s scent for those nights when she’s may not be around. 


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Cat Law's Interview

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