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buy one get one free nattou toy

Save The Day With a Spare!

Nattou toys are specially designed to encourage your child’s imagination. They will become your child’s favourite toy when sharing adventures and wild journeys together. Their soft and cuddly material makes them perfect for bedtimes and special moments.

We have all witnessed or experience the heartbreak of losing our favourite item, whether it be a sweater, earring or childhood toy.  Misplacing your favourite item can be stressful, especially for little ones who rely on the comfort of their favourite toy to sooth them to sleep, keep them safe and play with. Nattou is offering to save the day with a buy one get one free promotion on until 19 th of December 2018 on a selected range of cuddlies and musicals.

Having a spare or back up of their favourite toy can come in handy in many a situation:

We know children take their favourite toys everywhere with them, and along with that germs. The give them the backup toy while you wash/ clean and air out the original. Most of the time they won’t pick the difference!

Keep a spare at the grandparents’ house, or in the car making it less likely their special friend will get lost along the way.

Stop civil ware breaking, out with 2 identical toys children who aren’t so great at sharing will have fewer reasons to start a fight.

The Nattou buy one get one free is valid on selected items until  19 th December or while stocks last. 

Check out the below items  included in the Buy-1 get 1 free Promotion: 

Use the code: NATTOUXMAS18 at the Checkout

Bibou the Rabbit Cuddly  and  Bibou the Rabbit Musical

Rose the Elephant Cuddly ,    Musical   and Doudou

Charlotte the Giraffe Cuddly  Musical   and Doudou

Nestor the Duck Cuddly and Doudou

Lapidou Doudou in Pink , Mint, Peach, Sky Blue and Grey

Lea the Snow Leopard Cuddly , and Doudou

Loulou the Panda Musical and Doudou

Hippolyte the Hippo Musical and Doudou






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